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our principle

We are an engineering office for electrotechnology and lightning protection. Furthermore, we have competences in our remit through permanent further training. The responsibilities in the field of fire protection are achieved by postgraduate studies in the area of fire prevention. Therefore, we are able to coordinate fire protection relevant, technical building installations with fire protection and to ensure for its correct implementation. 

During project coordination, we carry out the contractual duties assigned to us strictly. Our performances are comprehensible at any time and available for developers. The planning documents are created by us with current CAD-programs and could be plotted and provided at any time. Because of this, a very short response time is possible, which is a great advantage at present rapid construction processes.

We are able to integrate every data in our systems via defined data interfaces. Because of a careful documentation, traceability of the current schedule status by changes is feasible.

Due to a well thought out document management system we are capable to reproduce every E-Mail or correspondence in electronic form.


The tender documents are generated in our office by a current tendering programm with a detailed database. Thereby, all data interfaces for delivering specifications and measurement are available. The specifications are tailored to the specific project exactly. Naturally it is possible to create specifications according to the standard-cataloge.


In project management, we are always considering exact implementation of current standards with its building requirements to the individual project. It is important for us to have an exact coordination between efficiency and requirements to the relevant regulations and standards.