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In Cooperation with Engineering office A. Willwersch, Kirn

  • Residential- and office-building at Bad Kreuznach
  • Reconstruction and extension of the trade association´s educational establishment at Eppstein
  • New construction of the church hall at Fischbach/Nahe
  • Reconstruction/new construction of the Gesellschaftshaus at Kirn
  • Reconstruction of residential- and office-building Dessauer Straße at Bad Kreuznach
  • New construction of the housing area with 45 units at Dessauer Straße Bad Kreuznach
  • New construction Dreigruppen-Kindergarten at Merxheim
  • Renovation of the primary school at Birkenfeld (3 stages)
  • Extension and renovation of the administration building, association of municipalities at Birkenfeld
  • New construction of the residential- and office-building at Kupferbergterrassen Mainz
  • New construction of a metal working company at Wittlich
  • Renovation, reconstruction of the church centre St. Barbara at Idar-Oberstein

In cooperation with Engineering office Stefan Tullius, Bad Kreuznach

  • Rebuilding of the building complex "Am Brand" at Mainz
  • Assembly of a safety pressure system "Am Brand" at Mainz

Architect Roland Bott, Guldental

  • New construction of an industrial park at Maintal
  • Extension of the ecumenical welfare center at Hargesheim

Bilfinger and Berger

  • New construction of an administration building at Frankfurt/Main

Friedrich Beinbrech

  • New construction of a builders merchant at Meisenheim

Commerzbank AG Frankfurt/Main

  • Reconstruction of a bank branch at Idas-Oberstein 

Dachdeckereinkauf Ost - West eG Koblenz

  • New construction of an administration building and storage building at Bingen-Sponsheim
  • Reconstruction of the former print office Laden with office section at Limburg/Lahn

Ebernburgverein e. V. Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg

  • Reconstruction and renovation of the Ebernburg
  • Renovation of the sector restaurant Ebernburg

Protestant parish Roxheim

  • Reconstruction of the church building

Protestant parish Hüffelsheim

  • Reconstruction of the church building at Traisen

Protestant church Veitsrodt

  • Renovation of the church building

Protestant parish Altenglan

  • Renovation of the church building

Protestant parish Frankenthal

  • New construction of the kindergarten at Frankenthal