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Glass Müller Mainz

  • New construction of a glass manufacturing company at Nieder-Olm

IBM Germany

  • Office building and data center at Nieder-Roden

kreuznacher diakonie

  • Development measures for realizing new building of the hospice at Bad Kreuznach
  • New building of the residential care home for the elderly at Bad Kreuznach
    • Neubau einer Altenhilfe Pflegeeinrichtung kreuznacher diakonie
  • Renovation of transformer station 2, kreuznacher diakonie, 55543 Bad Kreuznach
    • kreuznacher diakonie

Kommunalbau Rheinland-Pfalz GmbH

  • New construction sports hall of the training school at Bad Kreuznach
  • Renovation and extension of the Sparkasse branch at Bad Sobernheim
  • Reconstruction and renovation of the Lina-Hilger-Gymnasium at Bad Kreuznach

District administration Bad Kreuznach

  • Reconstruction and renovation of special classrooms at the Berufsbildenden Schulen
    Gewerbe, Technik, Hauswirtschaft  und Soziales und Wirtschaft (BBSW) at Bad Kreuznach (KH)/3 sections)
  • Installation of data network at various schools of the district
    BBSGTHS at Kirn
    Emanuel Felke Gymnasium Bad Sobernheim
    BBSGTHS and BBSW at KH
  • Restructuring of special classrooms and fire protection measures for funding appllication of the ADD-Nord for BBSGTHS at KH
  • Building expansion and restructuring for construction of a G8-Gymnasium, Emanuel-Felke-Gymnasium at Bad Sobernheim
    • Emanuel-Felke-Gymnasium
  • Fire protection measures and renovation of electrical installation at Berufsbildende Schule Gewerbe, Technik und Soziales
    • Berufsbildende_Schule_Gewerbe_1

District administration Birkenfeld/Nahe

  • Sports hall with multipurpose utilisation(Mikadohalle)at Idar-Oberstein

District administration Kusel

  • Renovation of lighting and electronic installation at the administration building of district administration at Kusel
    • Kreisverwaltung Kusel
  • New building of a photovoltaic system (8,2 kWp) at the office building of district administration

KTB Plan- und Bauregie GmbH

  • New building of a students´ residence at Wallstraße, Mainz

In cooperation with architects Köhler * Jung * Wagner, Lauterecken

  • New building of a residential- and office-building at Lauterecken
  • New building of a residential building with 16 apartments at Bretzenheim
  • New building of a convenience store at Marpingen
  • Extension and reconstruction of a VW-car dealer at Lauterecken
  • New building of a Penny-Market at Bad Kreuznach
  • New building of an assembly hall at Altenglan
  • New building of a city office and IT-department at district administration Kusel
    • Kreisverwaltung Kusel

LBB Idar-Oberstein

  • Construction of a security alarm system at Smith-Barraks Baumholder, Housing-Area Neubrücke and Straßburg-Kaserne Idar-Oberstein
  • New building of a residential home at Bad Kreuznach